A downloadable game for Windows

The year is 1967 and you are a TV repair person. Get to work.

Tune in and repair as many televisions as you can against the clock. Earn bonus points for speedy and efficient work.

Gamepad and Keyboard supported.

Ben Wilson (Design, Code, Audio, Shaders, Sound) - http://www.zerofifty.one/
Daniel Cohen (Design, Code, 3D Models) - https://twitter.com/faemir
Kathryn Zalecka (Design, Concept Art, Environment Art, 3D models, 2D Art) - http://kathrynzalecka.com/
Alex Taylor - UI https://twitter.com/al_da_best

Made for a game jam in February 2016


Most recent build 300 MB
Leftfield Collection Build (Sept 2016) 300 MB
Original Build (Feb 2016) 203 MB

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